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Top Uses of Lavender Oil

Lavender and lavender oil has been used for many centuries. The Greeks and Egyptians used it medicinally the Romans used it for its fragrance. The Elizabethans liked it at home, in the garden and on the plate! The Victorians used it at home to disinfect and to refresh.

Even today, despite the predominance of chemical science, lavender oil is still found to be a highly beneficial agent in the medicinal and therapeutic field. It is calming, anti-bacterial, anti-fungal, anti-inflammatory, mildly analgesic, has wound-healing properties and has a regulating effect on the nervous system. Every year we meet many hundreds of people who use our Jersey Lavender Oil at home and can testify to its benefits.

It has to be the No.1 oil for your medicine cabinet with a wider range of uses than any other essential oil. It is generally safe to use neat (see note below) but also works well when mixed with carrier creams, massage oil or to fortify your shampoo or conditioner!

Here are our top most common usages:

1. A relaxant
The soothing and relaxing properties of lavender have earned it the name "Mothering oil". A few drops onto a handkerchief or in a bath, or mixed with carrier oil for a massage, can ease away the day''s stress and aid a good night''s sleep.

2. Headaches and migraines
Lavender oil is mildly analgesic and a few neat drops of lavender oil gently massaged onto the temples can help stop the pounding in your head.

3. Burns and sunburn
Lavender oil is an anti-inflammatory and can be used to cool, relieve and help heal burns and sunburn. A few drops applied to the affected area can do the trick. Alternatively, for a cooling affect, add a few drops to mineral water and spray onto the skin.

4. Cuts, grazes and scars
With its strong wound-healing properties, lavender oil can be used on minor cuts and grazes, simply by dabbing a few drops straight onto the affected area. Added to carrier oil, it can also be regularly massaged onto scar tissue.

5.Spots and skin irritations
Lavender oil is also anti-bacterial and anti-fungal. Used neat or added to water or creams, it can cleanse the skin and prevent and heal sebaceous spots and irritations. It can also be used to fortify your shampoo and conditioner.

6. Insect repellent
Used neat or in a burner, lavender oil (particularly the oil from lavandin) can effectively repel insects. It is great for warding off clothes moths - try dosing some onto a beermat and hanging in the cupboard. Added to carrier oil, it can also be rubbed onto the skin, as a repellant. In addition, the oil can help to heal and soothe bites and stings, including nettle stings. 

7. External pain and inflammation
Used neat or in massage oil, lavender oil is mildly analgesic properties can help to relieve niggling aches and pains. Many people find that it can help relieve arthritic and rheumatic pains.

8. Mouth, gum and throat infections, and halitosis
Oral infections can be treated by mixing a few drops of lavender oil with water and gargling, to let the anti-bacterial properties get to work.

9. Respiratory problems
To alleviate respiratory complaints, such as bronchitis and asthma, add a few drops of lavender oil to a small bowl of hot steaming water and inhale the steam.

10. A general disinfectant
The anti-bacterial properties of lavender oil make it useful, not only for your body, but also for your home. Add a few drops to detergents and water for jobs like cleaning the floor, or use in a diffuser to purify the air.

We find that lavender oil can be, and is frequently, used neat. However, in some individuals it can cause harm if used inappropriately and indiscriminately. We STRONGLY SUGGEST CAUTION if you DO NOT have experience of its use. Please read up carefully on the subject or consult a qualified aromatherapist or doctor. An excellent introductory home-use guide called "Aromatherapy" is available from the Books section of our shop.


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