Dried Lavender orders take off

I’m not sure what it is about this time of year but our dried lavender flower bud sales have gone bananas. Perhaps, as the nights get longer, people settle down to make fragrant lavender bags for a school fete, a Christmas bazaar, or just to give as presents. Whatever the reason they’ve found our dried lavender to be just the stuff they need.

I’ve often bought other company’s dried lavender and am surprised at how many “bits” are in it and often how poor the colour is – grey rather than lavender purple. Our Jersey Lavender product seems much better. Perhaps it’s all in the processing. Ours is all done by hand, picking the lavender at the right stage of development, just before the flower buds open.s possible. It’s then laid on large plastic sheets in the Jersey sunshine and after a few days it’s dry. We then have a laborious process of rubbing the precious buds off by hand. Next we sieve out any bits of stem, small stones etc, and with the fine sieve, dust and any sand. It’s impossible to get everything out but in the end we end up with pretty clean, lovely, fragrant Jersey Lavender dried lavender flowers.

There are two types of lavender that we dry. An angustifolia (English) lavender that has great colour, but a softer more traditional lavender, and a Lavandin that has less colour but a much stronger scent. Generally when we supply dried lavender, we supply a mixture of these two as you get the best of both, though if customers ask we are happy to supply one or the other.

Of course we also use our lavender to fill our own lavender bags. To see the whole range click here