Why Does Lavender Help You Sleep?

Jersey Lavender

We all know that lavender is a great natural way to help you sleep and promote feelings of calmness. Whether you choose to slip a lavender sachet inside your pillow, add a few drops of lavender essential oil to an oil burner or vaporiser and inhale the lovely scent, pop a few drops into a lovely warm bath (or why not try one of our fantastic lavender bath products – they contain a much higher percentage of our fantastic lavender essential oil than can be found in many other commercially produced ‘lavender’ products) or you prefer a spritz of lavender essential oil on your pillow, lavender has been renowned for centuries as being able to calm the nerves and promote a good night’s sleep.

But what is it about lavender that can do this? Exactly what is it about lavender that produces that lovely feeling of calm drowsiness?

There have been numerous scientific studies that have looked at the effects of lavender. For example:

The conclusions from the majority of the scientific findings into the effects of lavender show that the scent of lavender has an effect on the bodies’ central nervous system, causing it to slow down. It is the affect of lavender’s active ingredient, linalool, which causes the calming of the nervous system (and often the reduction in blood pressure levels) and it is this that can help to reduce feelings of anxiety and help promote a good night’s sleep.

So if you would like to see the effects of lavender essential oil for yourself, then try a bottle of our gorgeous jersey lavender essential oil today.