Lavender Oil To Treat Burns

One of the many amazing uses of lavender essential oil is its ability to be used to treatminor burns and scalds. It is believed that lavender oil was first used to treat burns in 1928 by the ‘founder of aromatherapy’, Rene Gattefosse. In his book ‘Aromatherapie’ Gattefosse chronicles suffering a burn to his arm whilst… Read more »

Top 3 Uses Of Lavender Around The Home

Lavender essential oil has an absolute myriad of uses, whether they are medicinally, forthe body, on holiday or for so many other things. Our top quality Jersey farm grown lavender essential oil also has a really great array of uses around the home, and here’s our top 3. Fragrancing So let’s start with the obvious… Read more »

Lavender BBQ Anyone?

Hooray!!!! There’s finally been a bit of decent weather! Pasty legs are finally getting anouting after what seemed like endless months of winter (even here on Jersey!) and there’s been a sudden rush on ice cream and sunglasses. So what better excuse to fire up the BBQ? And let’s face it we’ve got to take… Read more »