How To Get Your Man Wearing Lavender

As much as we are terribly fond of our utterly beloved other halves, many people out there admit to getting a little tired of their man’s style. Has he worn the same aftershave since high school? Does he have one ‘signature dish’ that he has trotted out for every dinner party since time immemorial? Does the thought of wearing anything other than jeans and t-shirt in summer or jeans and jumper in winter bring him out in hives? In short, is it just time for a change? Well then, why not get your man into a little lavender?

Add a little lavender to their wardrobes

For many men the thought of wearing anything that would make them stand out on a gloomy winter’s day e.g. grey, black, brown, white or navy blue, makes them break out in a cold sweat! So it’s definitely going to be best to start them off easily with maybe just one or two new additions to their wardrobe which they will be able to mix and match with everything else in their dark and gloomy clothing palette. But what could this magic colour be? Why not try lavender? The simple addition of a lavender dress shirt for the office will add a gentle splash of colour and will match with most other plain suit colours. Or a simple lavender jersey will look wonderful when teamed with jeans.

Liven up the dinner offerings with lavender

Along with the barbecue, the dinner party is often the only time many men think to enter the kitchen – essentially to ensure that they get the reputation of being a great chef even when they have only produced approximately 1% of the year’s meals! However do you find yourself and others getting a little bored of being faced with their one signature dish for the umpteenth time? Well then, why not gently introduce them to a little lavender? A sprinkling of our lovely Jersey culinary lavender can really spice up many meals. Why not try baking chicken thighs in a marinade of honey, lemon and lavender, or slow roast a shoulder of lamb covered in a rub of lavender and rosemary? Easy peasy and seriously yummy to boot!

Let’s smell a little more lavender

Now we’ve got them into the frame of mind that a change is a good as a rest then why not tackle the thorny issue of changing their cologne? Many men found a scent that they liked when in high school, liberally doused themselves in it then and are still doing so today. Guys – it’s defiantly time to move on! Whilst riding the lavender wave of (hopeful) success, why not introduce them to our lovely Gentlemen’s range? Featuring our wonderful Gentlemen’s Cologne, this lovely fragrance expertly blends lavender and other delightful aromats to create a fragrance that is masculine, herbal, rich, woody, warm and exotic.

So come on boys, let’s get a little more lavender!