Lavender Coat Hangers

Some people may think that padded coat hangers and lavender scented clothes are the stalwarts of old ladies’ wardrobes and old ladies’ wardrobes only. However many people who really love their clothes (think designers, supermodels and fashionistas everywhere) use both of these and a few other tricks of the trade to keep their clothes looking amazing.

There are some people in the world who physically wince at the thought of their gorgeous clothes being subjected to time on a wire coat hanger, and, especially for delicate fabrics, the wrong choice of hanger can really affect the shape of your clothes. Padded coat hangers not only look lovely but they will keep delicate garments in shape, and can also help to stop clothes with thin straps from sliding off the hanger.

So now that you’ve got the right type of hanger sorted, it’s time to start thinking about wardrobe fragrance. Lavender has long been the best friend of clothes and linens, not only because it imparts a beautiful and delicate fragrance to your clothes, but also because it can help to keep away potential predators such as clothes moths, which can absolutely decimate natural fibres.

So to get your wardrobe in tip top shape we would recommend a combination of padded coat hangers and lavender bags. And now you have two choices. 1) Go all Earth Mother and make your own or 2) simply buy top quality padded coat hangers and lavender bags from Jersey Lavender. If you choose the former, simple follow our easy instructions below, but either way your wardrobe will be catwalk ready in no time!

How to make padded lavender coat hangers

  1. It’s best to start off with a good quality wooden coat hanger.
  2. Take a short length of lavender coloured ribbon and attach it to the top of the wire hanging part of the hanger with a drop of glue. Wind the ribbon round the metal until it is completely covered and secure to the wooden part of the hanger with a little more glue.
  3. Now take a long thin strip of wadding and attach it to one end of the hanger with a dab of glue. Wind it around until the hanger is completely and evenly covered.
  4. Now find some gorgeous lavender fabric and measure out a strip that is twice as long and twice as wide as your hanger. Fold the fabric along its length and stitch one of the short ends together and then half way along the long end.
  5. Now sprinkle a handful of dried lavender buds into the pocket and slot in one end of the hanger. Next sprinkle a little more lavender along the other half of the fabric before stitching it closed around the rest of the hanger.
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