How To Make A Guest Room Welcoming

Whether it’s the in-laws coming for the weekend, a friend staying with you for work, or even just an overnight dinner date with friends it can be great having guests to stay (depending who they are of course!). But how can you make your neglected spare room into a comfortable and welcoming room for guests?

Make the bed really comfy

Even if it’s just a sofa bed or an airbed, you can still make sure that it’s as comfy as possible for your guests. Simple things like a memory foam mattress topper can make all the difference to rarely used beds. Also make sure that you have a good range of bedding to suit your guests needs, a spare flat sheet for if they get hot and a couple of extra blankets for if they get cold will make your guests feel welcome. And last but not least add lots and lots of pillows! Not only will they give your guests a range of options which they can pick and choose from to suit their personal preferences, but extra pillows will also make the bed sumptuous if your guests want to sit up in bed to read or to enjoy that first morning cup of coffee. Last but not least, as a finishing touch, pop one of our Lavender Sleep Pillows on the bed too, for not only a fresh and clean fragrance but to help induce peaceful sleep!

Provide some luxurious mini toiletries

Everyone forgets things sometimes and providing a basket of lovely mini toiletries can both be incredibly useful and show your guests that you have really thought about their stay. Simple things like a miniature tube of toothpaste or shaving foam are great and you can also really spoil your guests with a selection of our best-selling Jersey Lavender products, all in a cute mini size. Choose from our set of 3 Guest Shower Gels, featuring our classic Lavender scent, Lavender & Rosemary and masculine Gentleman’s fragrance, or our Lavender Travel Pack which includes three of our best-selling lavender products – Lavender Foam Bath, Hand & Body Lotion and Shower Gel. Or why not really spoil them with both!

Make room for their things

Having to live out of a suitcase is never great, so make sure that your guests have somewhere to put their most used items. A bedside table is ideal, but even a stack of storage boxes (into which you can hide all your usual spare room junk!) next to the bed will give your guests somewhere to store their phone and toiletries etc. Also consider a couple of simple over the door hooks stocked with plenty of coat hangers that will keep things neat and tidy.

Also don’t forget to check out our lovely range of edible lavender products to make meals with your guests really special.

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