Try Wintersown Lavender

For the adventurous gardeners out there, we have just come across and interesting new way of sowing lavender seeds. Many people are surprised by the very idea of growing lavender from seed, as most lavender is raised from cuttings taken from established plants. Growing from cuttings is how we do it on our lovely Jersey Lavender Farm, as it gives us control of exactly what our plants will grow up to be. However we definitely think that we might give the method of ‘wintersown’ seeds a go – after all, why not eh?

So what exactly is ‘wintersown’ and what makes it so different? On first look the idea of ‘wintersown’ seeds seems completely counterintuitive, because, as the name suggests, the seeds are sown in winter – but not in a greenhouse, they are sown outside. However don’t dismay, it’s not quite as mad as it sounds, the seeds are sown into simple upcycled mini ‘greenhouses’ but then are left out in the elements over winter, before they (hopefully!) germinate in the spring and are ready to be transplanted directly into your garden – no hardening off required.

How to ‘wintersow’ lavender seeds

Once the weather really starts to take a turn for the worst is the time to start sowing your lavender seeds.

  1. Take an empty plastic milk carton (or similar) and cut in half horizontally nearly all the way through, just below where the handle is.
  2. Poke some holes in the bottom of the container for drainage.
  3. Place about 5cm of compost in the bottom of the container and water it well.
  4. Now sow your seeds into the compost.
  5. Replace the top half of the container, but leave off the lid for ventilation.
  6. Now label the containers (or you’ll forget what’s in them!) and leave them in a sunny spot.
  7. Now forget about them until spring, by which times the seeds will have naturally germinated when the time is right and then you can plant the seedlings straight out into your garden.

Wintersown lavender seeds – we’re going to have a go and we’d love to hear about your exploits into wintersown too, just drop us a line through our Contact Us page.
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