Freshen Your Home With Lavender

We may not be quite there, but here on the wonderful Channel Island of Jersey, Spring finally feels like it’s beginning to…well…spring! It has been wonderful to be able to throw open the windows of our lovely lavender farm house and get some of that fresh Channel Island air blowing the cobwebs away. And in… Read more »

Steam Distillation Of Lavender Essential Oil

It may not come as a surprise to you that here on our lovely Jersey Lavender Farm we absolutely love our lavender – so much so that we have some lavender plants that are over 20 years old! And as a result we are dedicated to making sure that we treat our lavender with the… Read more »

How To Water Lavender

With all the wonderful weather we’ve been having recently and, most importantly, the lack of rain, a number of people have been asking us how they should be watering their lavender plants. Essentially lavender is a drought tolerant plant and once well established in the garden shouldn’t need watering. For example on the farm we… Read more »

Add A Little Lavender To Your Holiday

Well it’s getting to holiday season again (hooray!), but what if (for some unknown reason) you’re not heading to Jersey for a visit to our wonderful Jersey Lavender Farm, but are off to climbs further afield? Well fear not, there are plenty of other wonderful lavender farms sited all over the world which you can… Read more »

How To Take Lavender Cuttings

Here at the Jersey Lavender Farm, you may think that we have more lavender then we know what to do with. However you would be wrong! Firstly there are so many amazing uses for both fresh lavender, dried lavender, culinary lavender and lavender essential oil, that we never run out of things to do with… Read more »

How To Plant A Lavender Hedge

One of the most beautiful ways (if you ask us!) to define a border or edge a pathway is with a gorgeous lavender hedge. Not only does lavender form a wonderfully bushy plant that creates a thick full hedge, but you also get the added benefit of a gorgeous swathe of colour in summer and… Read more »

It’s Harvest Time At The Jersey Lavender Farm

This is probably our favourite time of the year, as we see all of the hard work that we’ve been putting into growing our wonderful lavender come to fruition, and we start harvesting our crop. It always smells pretty good at our Jersey Lavender Farm, but the simple process of harvesting the lavender jumbles things… Read more »

Lavender Oil Producing Plants

“Lavender” is part of the broad botanical genus – Lavandula. This is thought to be made up of 50 different species, and within some of these species are perhaps hundreds of different cultivars/varieties. For the purposes of lavender oil we are mainly concerned with two species –lavandula angustifolia (sometimes called English lavender or true lavender),… Read more »