Lavender & Rosemary Shower Gel

Two of our favourite plants. In one bottle!

It's in our blood.

Established in 1983, Jersey Lavender Farm was developed from a disused dairy farm into a fully-functioning lavender farm. The original owners – the Christie family – lovingly breathed new life into the land, and the farm, as it is today, was born.

At Jersey Lavender, we grow, nurture, harvest and distil our own lavender into oil, which is used in our range of beautifully fragrant products. Our work ethic and passion for our products is what continues to help the farm bloom, and we’re excited to say that our business will see many new opportunities in the coming months. Developing new products and adding to our wonderful attractions at the farm are two key priorities for us.

It's on our farm.

We’re passionate about lavender, but we also grow rosemary, eucalyptus, bay laurel and cypress. We nurture our plants, carefully harvesting every single one by hand, and distilling the produce into pure essential oils. Lavender oil is the key ingredient in our range of toiletries and perfumes.

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