Harvesting Lavender Plants

I’m often asked by prospective lavender farmers about harvesting lavender plants, and how it’s done. The fact is there is no “right method”. A huge anount depends on the acerage of lavender that you have, how it is laid out in the fields and what you want to do with it. For us at the Jersey… Read more »

Three Cheers for the Humble Lavender Bag!

When it comes to lavender, probably the most common product that we will have come across is the humble lavender bag. Often tucked away in our sock or undies draw, placed amongst sheets or rugs, under our pillow when trying to sleep: hidden away, but most definitely there for you to “discover” occasionally. For some,… Read more »

Dried Lavender orders take off

I’m not sure what it is about this time of year but our dried lavender flower bud sales have gone bananas. Perhaps, as the nights get longer, people settle down to make fragrant lavender bags for a school fete, a Christmas bazaar, or just to give as presents. Whatever the reason they’ve found our dried lavender… Read more »